SchoolConnect is a free online resource which helps New Zealand secondary school students make important decisions at a crucial point in their lives.

SchoolConnect focuses on the key directions a secondary school student has available; study, careers, jobs or travel. SchoolConnect has innovative and exciting features including; discussion forums, career quizzes, scholarship and job listings. In SchoolConnect’s first full year of operations, the website attracted thousands of unique visits from New Zealand secondary school students (15 – 19 years old), who used the website to make informed decisions about their future.

No other online platform can cost effectively connect organisations (employers or tertiary providers) with the New Zealand secondary school population the way SchoolConnect can. With the additional initiative set down for 2014, we expect the SchoolConnect traffic to more than double.

I was attracted to SchoolConnect by its attractive online platform to communicate with young people. We have a particular focus here at Fuji Xerox around young people and being an interesting company at which employees find their life and work fulfilling
– Recruitment team, Fuji Xerox

Innovative Features

In addition to the information about study and work, SchoolConnect has numerous innovative and exciting features, including:

  • Discussion Forums

    Dedicated to providing secondary school students with an informal and easy way to ask questions, converse with employers and key industry players. Students have the option of asking their questions anonymously if they are not confident to do so publicly.

  • Career Quiz

    Created by an Occupational Psychologist, the careers quiz is aimed at pointing students in the right direction by helping them formulate a starting place to search and evaluate their future study or career options.

  • Scholarship listing

    Designed to increase student awareness around the additional funding opportunities available to them, whether from tertiary institutions, employers, industry or others.

  • Job listings

    This feature ensures that students know what youth job opportunities are out there. Listings encompass those from large national employers through to small employers in the regions, including entry level, apprenticeship, cadetships and part-time jobs.

We have a fairly new relationship with SchoolConnect, but it has been an ideal way to connect to high school students and deliver information on our vast number of roles. Having had a good relationship with their partner Grad Connection for over two years, we had trust and respect for the team to bring us a good service. The ability for SchoolConnect to help us deliver the right content and imagery has been extremely valuable.

– Marketing team, The New Zealand Defence Force

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